Blockchain-enabled, multi-channel messaging platform.

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Suchapp combines best-of-class messaging with the power of a social network architected over a robust, enterprise-level blockchain economy to create the world's first 5G messaging ecosphere.

Communicate, collaborate and do business like never before.

Built on the Blockchain

Suchapp leverages the power of the blockchain to create a complete ecosystem. The integrated digital wallet makes managing your finances easy and simple. Now every group administrator can manage their own custom loyalty program based on our SPS Token.

The Killer Cryptocurrency App We've All Been Waiting For

Use Cases

Promote Your Music

Anna is a talented singer-songwriter who just released her first album directly on the blockchain. Users can now purchase licenses to download and stream her music directly on their phones. Not only does she get paid instantly, but Bob her guitarist gets his percentage instantly as well!

Use Cases

That Perfect Gift

Tom and Gina are celebrating their anniversary on separate continents this year. Thanks to Suchapp's gift cards and loyalty programs, Tom was able to send Gina the necklace she was longing for straight from his phone - and he even got a great deal! That night they shared a long video chat that helped make them feel together despite the distance.

Use Cases

Grow Your Business on Suchapp

Joe owns and runs a successful local coffee shop. This year he's set a goal of increasing his revenue by forty percent thanks to the power of Suchapp. Not only does he reward his most loyal customers, but every user nearby can receive coupons, special offers and discounts. With a touch of a finger they can pay straight from their Suchapp digital wallet.

Use Cases

Find New Friends

Liz is an avid trekker. She booked a beautiful room at a lodge just a few miles from Niagara Falls and used the GPS-enabled RADAR group to find a local trekking group that had planned an outing for the next day. All along the way she was able to share the experience with her friends and family in realtime. What an amazing day to remember!

Use Cases

Make a Difference

The city council has just agreed to allow a mining company to open a new mine in a protected forrest a few kms from your neighborhood. You and your neighbors form a public group to organize the effort to stop the project. Over 500 people join the cause and show up to protest behind the hashtag rally #SaveOurForrest.


Suchapp will launch its alpha release in January 2018.

Company incorporated
SuchApp project
development started
SuchApp iOS
April 2016
SuchApp Android +
Web Development
Feb 2017
SP Digital Wallet
Feb 2017
SP Currency
Nov 2017
Jan 2018
SuchApp Alpha
Feb 2018
ICO Pre-Sale
May 2018
SuchApp ICO
July 2018
SuchApp Beta Version
Oct 2018
SuchApp Official Launch
Apr 2019
3 Million Users
Jan 2020
10 Million Users

We've already invested over $1.5 million in development!

SP Token

(Suchapp Coin)

Suchapp incorporates an ERC20 compatible digital currency that serves as the base for all transactions within the ecosystem.

Token name : SP coin (SPS)
Hard cap : $40,000,000.00
Total Supply of SPS Tokens : 2,500,000,000
Projected SPS Tokens for Sale : 1,250,000,000
Projected SPS Tokens for Distribution : 1,250,000,000
Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC


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